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WAMPP Events

A Not-For-Profit event supporting artists, musicians, poets, playwrights, authors and wine connoisseurs, while raising donations for congenital heart failure research.


What is a Sponsor/Contributor?

People who care enough to give us their time, talents, services and energy to make WAMPP a success!

Partners In Wine Club Press

(Wine Consultant/Organizer/Event Coordinator/Marketing- WAMPP & PIWC)

‘PIWC is a marriage of food, wine, event planning, technology, and social media’- Founded by Elizabeth Akin Stelling and Adrienne Turner, both food and wine writers, as well as wine educators in the Princeton area.

A Shout Out to the Volunteers for this years events!!!

John Mack, Annmarie Lockhart, Adrienne Turner, Robert Stelling, Vito Natalie, Ed Hynes & Henry, Alisandra Wederich and her crew, and the list will go on- Thanks to all musicians, poets and all other performers for their awesome charity for these events!

Vox Poetica

Annmarie Lockheart (WAMPP Poet Stage Coordinator)


Annmarie Lockhart is the founding editor of vox poetica, an online literary salon dedicated to bring poetry into the everyday. She has been reading and writing poetry since she could read and write. Her work has been published at Caper Journal, Eclectic Flash, Ink Node, Leaf Garden, OVS Magazine, SPARK, Touch: A Journal of Healing, and vox poetica.

What's Cookin' With Doc-

Micheal Fenster, he is a Cardiologist and a Chef! We owe him a big 'Thank You' to him and his office in Florida for helping us with our first year T-Shirts. Go check out his wonderful cooking blog!

Thomas Sweets Ice Cream & Treats, Princeton, NJ has graciously donated ice cream and prizes for Iron Cupcake Challenge during the mid-day- The have been voted 7th best Ice Cream in the United States, and we are so glad to have them participate August 21st this year!


All Organizers/Sponsors/Contributors will be on a 100% volunteer basis, and receiving no compensation for their time or work submitted to WAMPP. The sole purpose of this website and it's events is to raise money in the research of Congenital Heart Disease except for Amalthea Winery, in which the New Jersey Alcohol Beverage Commission does not allow any donation of alcohol to any charity organization or events in the state of New Jersey. Wine will be purchased and sold, and is to be consumed upon the premises of the WAMPP event. Amalthea Winery will be providing employees of its winery to pour the wine for this event on their property only.

No one under the age of 21 will be/should be consuming wine or other alcohol, ID's will be checked at entrance and wine station.