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A Not-For-Profit event supporting artists, musicians, poets, playwrights, authors and wine connoisseurs, while raising donations for congenital heart failure research.



Wine Art Music Poetry Project is a grass roots festival that will be held in various locations throughout New Jersey and or surrounding states. The first of its kind in the Garden State, so please join us for fun filled days of Wine Art Music Poetry and Performance Art.


This was originally created as a event supporting artists, musicians, poets, playwrights, authors, and wine connoisseurs, while raising donations to send a poet and or writer to a retreat or festival environment outside of the state.


WAMPP is about creating opportunities for people involved in the arts who might not otherwise have access to public venues and performance opportunities outside of local bar open mics.

Kevin John Allen


Founded by Elizabeth Akin Stelling by way of Cultural Art Expression- Coffee House Open Mics in and around the area of Princeton, New Jersey.


WAMPP is a family-oriented event allowing the public to sit or roam in an arts environment of-

  • scheduled musicians and bands
  • scheduled writers and poets
  • children entertainer (larger venues)
  • vendor alley: visual artist, crafters, authors (larger venues)
  • food and beverages (water, soda, and wine) can be consume on the premises only- only provided for sale by on primise and local restaurants for larger venues
  • small venues encourage picnic food brought in by attendees- byo beverages allowed
  • very little seating is provided, please bring lawn chairs and blankets